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mosaicf416471369fd6b03b6ce96876a5a32f72a87e14f* SupPoses * Omgosh for Fresh Style, StormCrow Design’s *Beverly Hills* Red – EXCLUSIVE! (for SLink High feet) for Fresh Style, { B DaZZled } – SummerTime Capris for Fresh Style, { B DaZZled } – Summer Love Tank  for Fresh Style, .::WoW Skins::. Petals, GG AUGUST 2014, *ARGRACE* KONOMI – Reds, Anara Customeyes by Alyce, lashes by FTL. Click for bigger:


~Ch-ch-ch-changes… [please read]

As many of you know, there’s been a bit of a rollercoaster happening here with my health. It’s not something I ever really wanted to focus on in this blog but for just this once – it kinda has to be at the front. I have a very aggressive form of Crohn’s Disease and it’s very advanced. A little over three years ago I underwent a lifesaving surgery with barely days to spare as my surgeon worded it at the time. I’ve been classed as “non responsive” for a long time in that my reactions (good or bad) to the known drug treatments have been minimal enough to not even be considered on the scale.

In June of this year I had an emergency out of the blue hospital admittance and I’ve not really fully recovered from that, to be quite honest they’ve said it isn’t likely I ever fully will.. I had a severe infection throughout my abdomen and they discovered a total resurgence of the Crohn’s Disease in the bit of intestine I have left (during my prior surgery my entire colon and large intestine were removed along with a sizable portion of my small intestine, and I had some reconstructive surgery on the side of my fistula ravaged bladder – after the surgery they told me it would be ten years or more before I’d have any reason to worry again, it never comes back so fast with such a huge procedure, umm.. so maybe not very never then, huh? Just three years, wow.). I’ve recently gone back on Methotrexate to try and stem the unexpected resurgence and hopefully bring it back to manageable levels, I’ve got appointments coming up in the near future for reinstatement of Remicade infusions as well. Remission is over and the road is going to be rocky for a while until everything settles in..

Because of these issues, my blogging has suffered and to be honest, that upsets me greatly. Yes, first life comes first, always! But the blogging is/was always supposed to actually be a relief, an escape, vacation? A place where I could just be pretty and flighty and happy, in sickness and in health. Brands I care for have suffered though. I’ve left some blogging groups in order to cut down on obligations and I’ve been ejected from  few simply because recently, I just cannot keep up..

I’m not saddened by this as much as you’d think though! I’m actually feeling somewhat relieved. Here’s the thing – I never wanted to be “that blogger” you know the one – where the entire blog is really just a glossy ad campaign? I didn’t want to be nothing more than a virtual flyer for a department store near you! I’m stepping down from a few more “regular brands” as well, because I want to go back to the root of the thing – that simple joy in putting together a pretty outfit and showing it off and not feeling like it’s a job, or worse – a chore.

I’m not leaving the blogging world, I’m not leaving this site or any of the feeds.. What I am going to do is focus a bit more on quality rather than quantity. I’m going to search for happiness rather than perfect presentation. I’m going to blog because I really love it, not because I’ll be “fired” if I don’t..  I’m still open for blind reviews, and I’m still more than happy to represent the brands that I love, I’m just not going to be as formal as I once tried to be and I’m dropping some of the deadlines because sometimes, I really just want to be free..


I’ll be your castaway..

Snapshot_007b[e] Allie – Essentials on sale at Elikatira until August 22nd for only L$99 in all regular colour packs, Essenz La Paz wedges, Hello Dave mani/pedi for SLink hands & feet – Colour Rays, Anara Customeyes by Alyce because I love LOVE her eyes crazy bad (these eyes are L$490 but they’re amazing, you can do pretty much anything with them – perfection), Lushish Catz -Quin – mini dress gift at the store for the SL F&O group (boobs, bum, and system layers included), Wow Skins group gift for July – Star, Modern Couture jewellery set – Catalina. FTL lashes, SLink hands and Mid Feet, L.Inc Phat Azz, Lolas Delicq fitted mesh breasts. Poses are Ploom PYT.

Day or Night; the Time is Right.

photoshake_1406757303617*Nya’s* UnderSea TankTops & Capris available for just a few more days at Designer Circle, Poses are Eternal Dreams “Alea 1″ also at Designer Circle, Skin is Star July GG from Wow Skins, .ploom. Sea Salt – Blondes pack for My Attic, Sugar Eyes by Alyce, lashes by FTL, SLink hands & feet.

photoshake_1406759304344All of these gorgeous outfits by GIULIA DESIGN are available right now at Designer Circle but get there fast because this round is closing soon! Poses are Eternal Dreams “Alea 2″ also at Designer Circle, Essenz – Rhodes heels for Designer Circle, Skin is Star July GG from Wow Skins, KOY “Alexis” – Blondes pack for My Attic, Sugar Eyes by Alyce, lashes by FTL, SLink hands & feet.


Bardot in the Sand..

Snapshot_037AMARELO MANGA  – Safari Chic Dress for Designer CircleAMARELO MANGA – Safari Chic  Hat for Designer CircleAMARELO MANGA – Sunglasses Roberta for Designer CircleAMARELO MANGA – Safari Chic  Bag with AO for Designer Circle, Sky – Sexy Bonita Sandals Tan (slink high) for Designer Circle, 7 Deadly s{K}ins -DC DAwn v2 for Designer Circle, .ploom. Sea Salt – Blondes pack for My Attic, Sugar Eyes by Alyce, lashes by FTL, SLink hands & feet.


Aloha Stacey!

~Please Note: These top face shots are completely raw & unedited aside from crop and frame, due to my very bright lighting, you may not see the difference between the middle top lips and the left bottom lips but I assure you if you look closely – one is a pinkish tone and one is a purplish tone though quite similar in shade. Skin tone shown – milky.
photoshake_1406612868664This is Stacey by LoveMe Skins, you can find her at The Aloha Fair and I promise you’ll be seeing much more of her around here. She’s available in Milky, Sunkiss, Tan, and Bronze. You can get most appliers including hands, feet, boobs and bums.. and she’s got a really sweet freckles layer as well as a cleavage option layer for a sexy pushup look.

Snapshot_029Wearing: Lolita Malifice bikini dollarbie L$1, .ploom. Sea Salt – Blondes pack for My Attic, Sugar Eyes by Alyce, lashes by FTL, SLink hands & feet, L.Inc Phat Azz, Lolas Delicq fitted mesh breasts. Pose is Ploom Shadow  – 5 curvy. (Survivor belly tattoo is a personal creation, not for sale at this time – it’s a copy of my real FL ink with tattoo artist permission)

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