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All over the Grid.


This is my first post officially covering  RD Style and I’m so happy! RD ranges from urban kawaii to full on rock & roll, and a bit of everything in between.. You can pretty much bet that every trip to the store will net you some fresh fashion for just …

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Manifesting Isis


Look at the amazing new dress from The Beautiful Ones! The second I put it on I felt like the queen of the desert and so off I went in search of said desert to begin my reign.. .:TBO:. Isis dress – (8 textures/colours), :::LP::: Leather Cage Sandal [Black] (Slink …

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So Lushish..


~My sincerest apologies for not being overly chatty tonight, as I mentioned in my last post – Weemale came down sick and I’m still only halfway back to being human. All of that said – please enjoy these curvy delights and go grab some of your own! Info on the …

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Ride the Wind..


I’m back, again? I never really left but I didn’t have a whole lot of time the past little while – after I started to finally recover from that dreaded flu-bug, my Weemale came down with it and it’s only now that he’s getting back on track, at least for …

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Comic Bliss

*COMICS HEROIN COMPLET OUTFIT TEXTURE CHANGE *Brii Underground*, * Morphine : Sangreia Void Skintone **EXCLUSIVE**

Here’s just a small selection of the exclusives you’ll find from Brii Underground Wear at the Comic Fair, the skins shown are also available at the Fair, for more info – see here. ** Comics Fair Exclusives by ** Brii Underground Wear ** for the Comics Fashion Fair, Morphine Skins for …

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    Image editing may be used in these photos for atmospheric and/or creative purposes but not to the extent of interfering with the integrity of the item shown*. Expect: Filters for ambience, light airbrushing for viewer &/or system issues, cropping & framing.
    *Prim skirt seams will be graphically edited.