Four Free Shapes!

I’ve been making shapes with stylecards and putting them in my MP shop for free.. I made the top two a while back so they’ve been there for some time but the bottom two are new 🙂 You can get them on the MP (links below) or you can drop by my little inworld shop and grab them from the vendor there: Shaedylee.Com HQ

I’ve opened an inworld shop for the shapes I’ve been making – if you prefer to travel shop instead of MP shop – there’s a fitting room at the shop and there’s also a little lounge with music and a snack machine for you and your friends to have a rest! (feel free to get dressed in the fitting room and/or unwrap your other shopping if you want – there’s a 5mn auto return on unboxed items)

So this girl kinda reminds me of Paris Hilton.. It’s a shape/stylecrad for LeLutka Evolution Erin – *MP link here* – full body pics available in the MP link.

This was my first shape for Genus Strong – *MP Link here*  – full body pics available in the MP link. She’s a special edition so she includes a free tattoo layer with the rainbows she’s wearing – body, face, or full with both.  You can also get the matching eyeshadow completely free *here* because I just plain love rainbows!

I did this girl for Genus Strong as well, she was basically designed to be almost universal with 7DS skins – *MP link here* –  full body pics available in the MP link.

And yet another Genus Strong shape, I just loved how real she was – her skin is from Session Skins – *MP link here* – full body pics available in the MP link.

All of my shapes include a modifiable body shape, eyebrow shaper, and stylecard (names of hair, skin, eyes and any cosmetic addons used).  The stylecards contain the brand names and proper names of each item but I didn’t include the landmarks because so many stores are moving so often. If you have any trouble  finding the items – just type the brand/store name into search and hopefully they’ll still be inworld, in business, and accessible! I mean if they’re not – it’s not like you paid a pile of hard earned $Ls for the stylecard, right? I hate getting shapes with stylecards and the stores are long gone! Usually though, I can test drive the shape with demo skins of other brands and most of the time. with a few minor tweaks I’m totes good to go! I hope you enjoy these gifts, I hope you feel gorgeous, and I hope you have fun!

♥ ♥ ♥