2020 Here We Go! (also oops; nudies lol)

Well, we’re heading nicely into the new year, aren’t we? So many exciting things happening inworld, so many beautiful creations coming out, I’m seriously hyped for 2020!  So far I’ve painted some brand new tattoo/body shine for my pretty little avvie self, I’ve done a full revamp of the studio.. Even though my First Life has been crazy chaotic, I’m still having a ball being sweet pixel me! Have a peek at my gorgeous little studio:

….and here’s the tattoo & body shine update that I’ve made (sorry for the nudies  😆  actually totally not sorry at all) :

You really need to have a closer look at the theme of my studio decor though, it’s me and my pretty fluffy babies:

And I’ve been hitting ALL the weekend sales religiously, some of my finds are amaaaayzing, like these PJs from Cynful (I hadn’t updated my inks yet when I snapped these pics):

… and did I mention that I got me a unicorn? Look at this sweet thing:

So with all of that being said and shown -I’m exhilarated for the coming days, weeks, and months. I’ve started painting in my First Life, I’m making reading goals – at least one good book a month, I’m steadily working on my Second Life, I’m starting a self-care regime that includes journaling and positive affirmations – I also learned how to make bibimbap at home – one of my suuuper takeout faves!! The only thing I am absolutely not looking forward to is dental surgery on the 23rd of January (barely over a week away, eeeek!) but even then – the end result will be so much more than worth it all. It’s winter here in my city, you’ll probably be seeing much more of me as the snow has finally started pummelling us so stay shiny folks and live all of your lives to the best!  ~xo