“Ain’t No Sunshine…”

Snapshot_019New from  .:TBO:. (The Beautiful Ones) for Feeb’s Rascals Sales Room – “.:TBO:. Estibaliz – rain outfit” which includes the coat, a great pair of Wellies, and a matching umbrella with a little surprise of it’s own – if you’re a rainy day kinda person, this set is totally for you (there’s rain in the ‘brella) I’m wearing new hair from D!va too, isn’t it pretty? She’s released four styles for January Collabor88 – each one is L$88 and all four are as masterfully crafted as we’ve all come to expect from D!VA :-)

Snapshot_018 .:TBO:. Estibaliz – rain outfit,  “”D!va”” Hair “Miso” (Rhodolite), Pink Fuel Harley Skin, [PF] Vivid Eyeshadow <Peach> – Heavy Smoke + Wing, [PF] Harley Lipstick <Peach> – Sultry Red, Mayfly – Luminous – Deep Sky Eyes (Dark Olive), S@R 6+ vr1.00 Lashes that move with Smile + Facelight + Prim Teeth, *P* Eyebrow Piercing A1 ~8 Metals/9 Colors~, *P* Facial Piercing U2 ~8 Metals~

About Shae

My name is Shae and I like to make friends. I like coffee, bacon, cats, and cheesecake but not necessarily in that order or on the same plate. I'm not going to hit on you or steal your significant other, I do not want all your base, I will not lie to you about cake, I do not kick puppies, I only sparkle if I've been drinking, I have no Tardis, and I think the Borg were just deeply misunderstood.~follow? tumblr | Twitter | flickr | facebook