-AKA- the one where she comes clean and cleans it all up..

So I realized that over the summer I was neglecting this site in a big way, I also realized that although I usually take summer breaks from Second Life – hey, I’m also doing much more than just playing avatar dressup these days. SL is a major outlet for me but I feel it’s been slowing down and maybe I’m slowing down a bit with it. It’s still going to be a large part of this site, until it makes it’s way over that Great Avvie Summerland Bridge into the great beyond but also I’d like to do other things!

I’d like to talk about things I enjoy and other games I play. I’d like to share little pics and thoughts when I can.  This past weekend we had the remnants of Hurricane Dorian sweep through the Maritimes, she didn’t hit my city too hard, we’ve had worse nor’easters.. She did make a proper mess in Nova Scotia who received the full force of what was left of her. A friend posted on facebook today that Mic Mac Mall was still dealing with power issues and many residences are as well.

The power for more than 160k went out during the storm on Saturday and it’s patchwork getting them all back on.  My city had around 3k knocked out and provincewide we had about 50-60k overall without power. My husband, Largemale, is tech support for a large ISP and he’s been utterly swamped today with calls for storm related interruptions.. Y’all have been pretty sweet to him, btw, and thanks so so much for that! He and his team really are doing their best to get y’all through this as swiftly and cleanly as possible.

Anyhow, I took some pics of just the busted parts of my city that I saw on Sunday, the daunting “morning after” and Dorian sure left her mark – BFF and I were near tears seeing one of our favourite parks so wrecked and my heart goes out to people who lost so much more throughout this wild ride..

I’ve read that there were 55 areas of interest where there were trees and lines down, homes and vehicles damaged, some in swaths and some just isolated bits of awful. Nobody got hurt that I know of and as I said – we were so lucky it wasn’t worse. We’re just not equipped for this stuff because until the last few years most hurricanes were all blown out by the time we got them, just some water and blow for a few hours and a bit of raking to clean it all up after.. Our EMO was totally ready for this though, bless them and our responders and our linemen – each and every one!

I’m going to close this post with a few pics from my walk uptown today – Market Square has some lovely little touches that I think just make the place plus bonus pics of the views from the boardwalk!

And that’s it, a site reformat so to speak.  Not just SL but all of my other online endeavours, for a full explanation – please read my “about” page and get all the details!

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