Altamura Jenny – Bento Full Body WOH Gift *Review

^ click for the full uncensored version..

So… I just got this amazing avatar from Altamura as a hunt gift for the Women Only Hunt. She’s called “Jenny” and she’s full body and face/head! I’ve modded her shape for my own taste but here you see her in all her glory (the pink pinup shot has been edited but all the other shots in this posts are totally raw though you can click *here* to see the pinup shot comparison of greenscreen/postedit if you’d like to see how little was actually done to it. In any case – here’s her lovely look in a few different poses but as I said – my shape – she’s bento, I love her!

I’ve added a few closeup so you can see the details of her skin, etc. The information on her direct from the Altamura blog can be found *here* she’s not omega capable and she’s only got one skintone but for real – she’s the most gorgeous avatar gift I think I’ve ever gotten and entirely a must have for photographers or new folks (especially new folks – you can test drive this amazing girl until the full featured version is released and maybe you’ll love her enough to purchase her – I certainly may!) and really she’s for anyone who loves avatars, bento, and being pretty! Oh, and  before I forget – she has included AOs for her facial poses, hands, mouth.. She’s as complete as it gets for a basic yet feature rich avatar right out of the box.  Do see the Altamura blog linked above though, you’ll totally want all the details on her features as well as her potential limitations..

I’m beyond amazed with her alpha system – there’s literally hundreds of options for the slices, perhaps the most comprehensive alpha system I’ve seen yet! The only option I would personally add is a scalp alpha option for some rigged hair that the skull may pop through.. That being said – you can fix her right up using either slices or partial sections or even entire sections. Bottom like – I cannot wait to see the full featured version of her and what else they could possibly add!