B!ASTA December Group Gift

Snapshot_013[ B! ]  :GORKI PARK: !Group Gift! Red/Black – full outfit – December Group Gift from B!ASTATonicMina platform pump (color change), –Glam Affair – Vera skin – America – FLF, .ploom. Fiona – Indecisive, Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eyes (Dark Olive, w2), S@R 6+ vr1.00 Lashes that move with Smile + Facelight + Prim Teeth blogged *here*


About Shae

My name is Shae and I like to make friends. I like coffee, bacon, cats, and cheesecake but not necessarily in that order or on the same plate. I'm not going to hit on you or steal your significant other, I do not want all your base, I will not lie to you about cake, I do not kick puppies, I only sparkle if I've been drinking, I have no Tardis, and I think the Borg were just deeply misunderstood.~follow? tumblr | Twitter | flickr | facebook