Blogging – Going Forward…

Have a Kitschy Glitzy Christmas (also stylecards, about those)

This is hands down the busiest time of the year for me, and for many folks I think! I’ve been running nonstop trying to get the various bits and ends completed – buying (and making) gifts, planning meals, making treats, etc.  It’s been bitter cold here as well which hinders pretty much anything because I hate getting bundled into six layers of clothing just to do even the most basic thing! ~I’d so much rather hibernate until the cold passes! There’s only been a little snow here so far but we’re usually whomped in January/February – we’ll see, it’ll probably be scary bad soon enough. Anyhow, I’ve made some “Kitschy Glitzy Christmas” cards because well, tis the season!

I will be going back to stylecard posts in the New Year (ie; details on outfit pieces and where to get them) but they won’t be everything, they’ll be clearly marked as “LotD” or “Look of the Day” posts and numbered as well. I’m just exhausted by making the blog/site 100% about stylecards and catalogue style ad posts, sometimes I like to just take pics (good or bad, no judgment  😆 ) simply because I want to.. I also like rambling on a bit here and there and I can clearly remember a few blog managers asking us to not do that on “their” posts because apparently it distracts from the product.  To be fair – I’m not averse to reviewing sponsored items, I’m just ready to maybe foster my own creativity by making my own creative decisions on what to post, less quotas – more personality. I’ve been cleaning up inventory as well – deleting bundles of hundreds of things, old clothing from pre-mesh body days, etc. Shopping the heck out of weekend sales to update my wardrobe to my actual tastes rather than what I had done for years – making styles that I’d probably never choose on my own fit together seamlessly and aesthetically..  Bottom line – If you see it posted here it’s because I actually like it, really and truly.

It gets hard when you’re blogging for brands and you maybe don’t care for a piece or three in a particular line but your quota says it must be posted or else buh-bye, see ya ’round and you’re left feeling either hella pressure to make something work and maybe get a strike because it doesn’t feel like you put your all into it (a lot of folks assume that if you like a brand you’ll worship everything that brand releases, period) but it’s really not that simple. You don’t want to seem ungrateful but you also feel kinda icky compromising what you put out there because you might get fired otherwise. People used to go “OMG you’re a blogger for ____, you’re so lucky!” yes and no, some of the rigid expectations require a much stronger person than I.. So many times I have almost quit, a few times I actually did quit  🙁  it’s a special kinda thing to do that requires a special kinda person – I’m only half of her, the other half of me wants to just take pics and ramble on..

I’ve gotten a lovely trailer in the new Linden Labs Bellisaria region – in Redbluff, by the camper and wilderness areas..They’re not as small as they may appear. Mine is currently in the Laramie style, LAQ furniture may seem pricey to some but it’s so low li and low impact that my vintage little camper is packed full of gorgeous stylish decor! ~shout-out to Half Deer for the most perfect xmas tree ever!

So getting back to it – there are things happening here, I’m just so constantly moving that I haven’t had time to just sit down and breathe. Or as I like to put it – absolutely and utterly Holidazed (and maybe a bit confused too)!