Dark Poetry – Bete Noir

Bete Noir
[Thing or Person One Dislikes Very Much]
Take my pain, take me, take it away
Cut me, bleed me, breed me
Insanity Say you’re sorry!
An addiction of pain, lust, all things unjust
wrong, corrupt, destitute emotion
Rage, drink this, just one sip wash it all away
make love to destruction, its another day
another way, taste it, feel it, overtakes your soul
your head is a hole.
I’m your Savior, I’m your drug, I’m your ecstasy
take it you bastard, you need me
Drop to your knees, listen please
scream, agony, hatred, disease
Profanity Say you need me!
A lasting impression , questions ignored
hear me, see me, I won’t go away too much to say
beating drums, mind numbing noise
distaste, losing your poise
Tomorrow, yesterday, running away
Fills your mind, empty void, leaves you behind
I’m your lover, I’m your mother, I’m your dreams
nothings ever as it seems
Drink from the throat, tears of blood
touch me, caress, ecstasy, distress
Pornography Say you want me!
A vision of death, try walking away
never again, never say, won’t go away,
gone again, living in sin,
see my fears? Watch me cry
taste my tears.
I’ll get to you, in your heart, fresh start,
I am nothing, you are all
You are nothing standing tall
take me, I’m your soul, take me
fill this hole
you are me, I’m all you are
you know you want this fallen star
you and me, my darkness your light
one mind one soul, we run we fight
Fuck it, I just want to drown you,
in you, for you, with you.
Be you.
In me.
One night…

DL (Dark Love) – Bunny Demon Outfit

[L] Catnip // BoM Applier // Fresh
(Formerly Leggy, now Palette – SAH Club tattoo – no longer available)

Apollemis Tattoo – BoM Luna moth UNDERBOOB brighter
Apollemis Tattoo – BoM Perseverance brighter
Tivoli Inc- Cute but psycho BOM Lelutka worn (jawline tattoo)

Izzie’s – Neck Freckles 02 (cool) 60%
Izzie’s – 04 Freckles Tattoo pale (body)
Izzie’s – 04 Freckles Tattoo pale (face)

Cake Inc.: Spotted V3 Blusher-All (Shy Blush)
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Lara Hurley -Sam layer [LeLutka] Rose Pale brows brown

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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Mellow / Big Heart Earrings / LeLutka (gold)
Mellow / Lip Rings Erin (low) L
Mellow / Lip Rings Erin (low) R
MIDNA – Alice Piercing – GIFT
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*PKC* Diamond Medusa – Catwa Lilly
*PKC* Labret Piercing – Catwa Denice
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: CULT : Thug Life rings (Female) – Maitreya
DAZED. White Winter Bento Nails [Maitreya]

Wasabi // Talia Mesh Hair

ShaedyBizness shape – (Fleur Cute)
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AG. (AviGlam) Cupid Eyes – 02 – M

Scene & Setup:
FOXCITY. VIP Photo Booth – Surrealism (Halloween EDT) (Rez)
Heaven Store – Pose Pack Bento ‘After Party’ – pose 5
Voir – Crucifiction pose
LUMIPro 18 (wear or add me)
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