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Deziree – Limited Edition

This is “Deziree” by JK Style for the Bitchtail Limited Edition event.. $159L and you get the lace trimmed leggings (two types), the fantastic Piper Boots, and both dresses – only 100 will be sold ever so if you love these – you best get a move on!
Snapshot_023*P* Eyebrow Piercing A1 ~8 Metals/9 Colors~ (l), *P* Facial Piercing U2 ~8 Metals~, lassitude & ennui - Alisha lace booties for SLink feet – black, TBF Fedora - Wool Black L$10 – 10 pack, [HUSH] Autumn – StarryNights – Sugar skin (Autumn Group Gift), ~Hush Lipstick~ Silk Red 403, Pure Poison - Black Arachnide Jewelry Set FLF Special – today only L$50, nails by “Hello Dave~Photo taken in “KaTink Photo Studio v1.0  Final”


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