Festivities Abound!

This is maybe my favourite season in SL, mostly because of all of the sales and the awesome gifts! I’m super excited for some of my fave stores upcoming awesomesauce! Here’s just a start:

I’m absolutely brimming! There’ll be piles more coming of course,  but these are the first and literally I could squeal out loud because ….. Squee!!

There’s a snowstorm headed my way in First Life, starting late tomorrow night and all throughout Thursday as far as we  know yet.  I’ll probably take refuge entirely inworld until the worst of it passes – I hear there’s a crazy big hunt over on the Scandalize sim 😉 So yeah, that’s about it? Oh, except for this:

I had accumulated something like 250k items, textures, notecards.. I was able to chop that almost in half in just a few days. I’m hoping to cut that down much much more in the coming weeks. By January 1st I’d like to have an inventory that’s tidy and makes a bit more sense!  Since I’m mostly standing back from the insane pressures and expectations of blogger deadlines and accountability, I feel like a weight lifted and there’s a lot less necessity to hang onto old things that I’ll likely never wear/use again.  With that I say good morning with these photos and good night with this post ~xo