In the Frosty Air…

I’m back after the holiday festivities! As you can see – we underwent a massive revamp here on the site and we also did a full redecorating thing at home.. Next up is the office, it really needs a pop for the new year! SO… What are we wearing? (as always – click the sidebar pics for base details)

Cae :: North Star :: Bracelet (L)
Cae :: North Star :: Bracelet (R)
Elle Boutique – Snowgirl Necklace
Magika – Penelope (w/ Bow) (Size 2)
ROSSI. Diamond Choker GOLD
S&P dress Ella – Lara snowflake (advent gift)

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My name is Shae and I like to make friends. I like coffee, bacon, cats, and cheesecake but not necessarily in that order or on the same plate. I'm not going to hit on you or steal your significant other, I do not want all your base, I will not lie to you about cake, I do not kick puppies, I only sparkle if I've been drinking, I have no Tardis, and I think the Borg were just deeply misunderstood.