“Just when I thought I was over you..”

How goes your days on the grid (any grid, not necessarily just the SL world)? Are you up to anything new and exciting lately? I’m still getting back on track from some odd First Life setbacks of the past few weeks so I’m feeling a bit out of touch.. Are y’all having weird weather wherever you are? This week has been a bit unstable – it rained a month’s worth of rain over two days, the temperatures were hovering around 14-16C, and just as quick as that happened – it’s below freezing today and absolutely clear as heck! The region I live in is sitting firmly in the COVID Orange zone right now – there was a superspreader event a few weeks ago plus some irresponsible traveller dude (who has apparently been living under a rock since last spring) says didn’t know that you were supposed to stay home at least until test results were in.. So … sure, I guess an immediate pub crawl is totally in order, eh? Yeah 2020 has been a bust for that kinda stuff but when I can keep my head on solid – my focus on the other stuff has been razor sharp (I say *when I can* because yeah, this constant barrage is certainly taking it’s toll on me, no sense trying to deny that!) Well, we make the best of what we got, right? Buckle down and keep your eyes on the prize!

Blueberry – Romance – Dress With Sleeves – Legacy
Blueberry – Solstice – Flat Fit – Sandals – Legacy

*PKC* Diamond Medusa – Catwa Lilly
*PKC* Labret Piercing – Catwa Denice
-SU!- Nose Piercing Set (Click To Resize)
: CULT : Thug Life (Female) – Legacy
Mellow / Big Heart Earrings / LeLutka (gold)
Mellow / Lip Rings Erin (low) L
Mellow / Lip Rings Erin (low) R
Vibing — Bella Collar — Gold
Vibing — Bella Necklace — Gold

Amuse Bouche Eyes – Delicate – Pack I [LelEvo HD]
[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.3)
ShaedyBizness – Mitsou Sweet (modified shape)
ShaedyBizness – Mitsou Brow
Magika – Hair – Billie

Stardust – Yukino – white tattoo 75%
Stardust – Yukiko – white tattoo 75%
Stardust – Yuki – white tattoo 75%

Izzie’sLeLutka – Eyelid Changer Small Cr 03 warm
Izzie’s – Neck Freckles 03 (warm) 100%
Izzie’s – Blush / Contour Remover 02 (65%)
Izzie’s – 04 Freckles Tattoo pale (face)
Izzie’sLeLutka – Inside Lips Corrector 02 75 %
Izzie’s – Chin Shadow Concealer 07
Izzie’s – 04 Freckles Tattoo pale (body)

JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Companion