LOTD 05 – 03.06.2020

Ahh yeah, I know it’s been a while. I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not  😀  I’ve just been distracted and not overly motivated to do much of anything of late. Largemale was off on vacation for a while and then March break hit so we mostly just sat around doing family-ish things and eating a lot. So whatever, I did say I wasn’t going to push myself too hard because I want to still enjoy this virtual world and with that – here I am!

Cats, so many cats! Did y’all know that there are a pile of community cats just hanging out at the Foxwood / Alchemy / Atooly / Grixdale / Foxes / Mainstores landing point location? I did not but now it’s one of my fave little parks, I hope they don’t mind!  I snapped these pics right at the fountain, a few of the cats are visible.. (not counting the ones I brought with me, of course)

I’m seriously loving this skin, btw. I found it on sale at Salon 52 and I was like …. WHOA. Here’s the details on what she comes with (I know I’m probably past the event but I’ve been buseeeeeeee yo) so check out the Spicy Bodyshop blog post on her *here* she’s worth it!  I’ve only just discovered Spicy with “Ruby” but I may become a skin-stalker for sure! I love how velvety and smooth this skin feels… I know y’all can’t feel it but yes you can, right? It sounds crazy but sometimes you try something on inworld and you can literally feel or smell it even though that’s just impossible. I feel like Ruby smells of soft vanilla, caramel, maybe a brulee? She’s warm and comforting.. She’s also sexy as heck and it’s a delicious combo, to be sure!

Here she is up close with and without all of my personal makeup/mods, and inks (zero filters) I’m wearing her on LeL Evo Erin, creds to follow below


LeLUTKA Erin Head 1.0 Evolution
AG. Cupid Eyes Pack
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.2
Shaedy Physics – Barely There

Magika – Hair – Sage (Size 1)

Shaedynlee – RainbowLust EyeGlo
ShaedyCustomInk-FULL (no eye fix)

Izzie’s – LAQ – Heart Mole left
Izzie’s – 05 Freckles Tattoo rosy (face)
Izzie’s – 05 Freckles Tattoo rosy (body)
Izzie’s – Blush / Contour Remover 02
Izzie’s – LeLutka – Baby Hairs V2 Hairbase pink 4

Spicy Bodyshop Ruby by Veronika Beningborough

*Spicy* Ruby (Lelutka Evolution) Porcelain Light eyebrows
*Spicy* Body v2 porcelain (no nipples) cleavage 1

ALANTORI – Bella Pubic Hair 1 (Tintable)

*AvaWay* NAUGHTY KITTEN Bracelets & Rings Maitreya
*AvaWay* NAUGHTY KITTEN Necklace Maitreya
Kibitz – Peachy’s earrings
Kibitz – Starry kitty hoops
MIDNA – Alice Piercing – GIFT
-SU!- Nose Piercing Set
PUNCH / Nyan Belly Piercing Mid
~~ Ysoral ~~ .: Luxe wedding ring Jade :.(Maitreya)(Left)
~~ Ysoral ~~ .: Luxe wedding ring Pauline:.(Maitreya) (Right)

UniCult – Purrrfect Pair – Glasses
[ LsR ] – Sexy Anuhe Baby Girl Gift –
– Anuhe Pants – Maitreya Pink
– Anuhe Shirt – Maitreya White

JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Companion
Secret Poses – Cute Cat

~Photos taken at:
Foxwood / Alchemy / Atooly / Grixdale / Foxes / Mainstores, Sleepy