My Skin Fair Treasures!

I’m sad that I didn’t have more money because there are several skins I would love to have kept – YS&YS were stunning, League was intense, I thought Lure was completely adorable! It was super hard to leave without snatching up Session.. Dream Ink has a vampy skin that just got under my skin in the most delicious ways! The only two skins I was able to snatch up (being that I had to place boundaries and limits on myself, haha) were 1. Lara Hurley “Rie” in Rose Pale tone, and 2. [PXL] Creations “Ava” in Natural tone (these side by side shots as well as the 6 demo collage below have not been edited outside of cropping and framing for ease of viewing – raw shots, no filters, just glorious bare skin):

Now, keeping in mind I went to the press preview specifically in search of LeLutka Bento capable appliers – there were a lot more offerings than I’d expected, to be honest! Catwa ha a pretty big share of the market right now and so the appliers are abundant and varied – LeLu maybe not so much so it was indeed heartening to see these gorgeous features and many more (I didn’t have time to test drive them all) Suffice it to say that if I’d had the money – I would have taken home most if not all of the demos I’ve featured in this post.

1 & 2 are Lure  “Emily” in lily and peony tones. 3 is Session “Fae” in tone 01, 4 is League “Amaia” in pale, 5 is Dream Ink “Gia” Vampire, and 6 is YS&YS “Kirsten” in tone 02 – these are all demos and only 1 & 2 from Lure came with a demo for the body applier so please forgive my blending if the necks seem off on the other shots..

Again – my delicious treasures – Rie and Ava:

So, I’m keeping my eyes on the other skins I’ve featured. Hopefully I’ll be able to add them to my collection soon and please know that when I do – they’ll have the most tender loving home with this skin junkie avvie =^.^=

AviGlam Melancholia Eyes – Aqua
Doe: Amoria hair
Izzie’s Retro glasses
Maxi Gossamer Flower Heart necklace
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Maitreya Lara panties & bra
Piercings by PUNCH

Sim 1
Sim 2
~Fair runs from March 10th – 26th, 2017. More information available at Pale Girl Productions official blog. The Skin Fair 2017 is sponsored by :
Avi-Glam, Carol G Tattoo, Lure, Mignonne, Ooh-la-liscious, Session, TAOX Tattoo, Tonic