Nighthearth Manor

Notes from C&C HQ:

{C&C} Nighthearth Manor
Candle and Cauldron Mainstore 2017 aka The Nighthearth Manor!

So many have asked for this build, so I thought I would make it available for the public.
It was never originally intended to be sold, so it is being sold as is.

-Foot print is 24×30 meters and stands 38 meters tall
-124 prim land impact
-Mainfloor has two floors, as well as two separate floating floors.
-Doors are Kool Door scripted
-Walls are manually tintable, but also take most wall textures as well!

Everything at {C&C} is made with RL ties, by RL practitioners of the craft. Every paring of numbers, cards, sigils, or stones is directly related to a spiritual belief or practice.

Any issues or questions for {Candle and Cauldron} please IM November Nighthearth or Corvus Forestwalker and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Traveller Soundtrack Selections by Mystified – 03. Spooky Theme (05:21)