Post 1: Reboot – Here I am!

I’m absolutely in the process of reformatting this site into something a little more fitting for the type of Second Life I live.. I’m hoping to do some travelling, maybe see some galleries, share some of my “life RP” photos (I know, that’s literally just pics of me/my avvie looking like I’m actually living but whatever, I love that ish)  So this first pic is my studio (for now, I change it whenever I need inspiration) and there you have it!  I’m hoping to be able to review the things that I like with honest opinions (I’m not a sponsored blogger, haven’t been in a long time)  but I’m totally not above fangirling the creators that make my little pixel soul sing!  Speaking of – my skin is from Gloom, my eyes are AviGlam, and my tattoos are one of a kind (I made them myself) If you have any questions at all about something you see in a pic just ask and I’ll do the best I can to throw you an answer!

P.S: Go back out to the front landing *here* and you can choose which side of this site you’d like to visit – Shaedynlee  (Second Life) or CaerlyssLee (First Life)