Spring awaits, patiently.

I saw this gorgeous outfit (and scene) from Irrisistible Shop and I maybe went a little wee bit snap-happy with the camera! Look at this precious faerie (sprite? I think she might look more like a sprite, to be honest) anyway – if you could actually die from perfect whimsy then I came pretty close! The outfit: “irrISIStible : SPRING SPIRIT FULL OUTFIT + HAIRS +ACCESSORIES” and the scene: “irrISIStible : FANTASY WILD SCENE SCRIPTED PINK” (only 18li, available in pink, blue, and wonderland – small grassy mound with birds and bath, tree, swinging bench) are available at Swank Events January 2018 round.  ~Photos staged inside a Turnip’s Homes Skydome, Enchanted Texture set.

**My brand new graphics card for my PC is waiting patiently in the postal outlet to be cleared so I can pick it up and install it inside of my lovely little PC beastie, wish me luck!