Through my Sorrow..

I’ve had both these items as well as these photos in my bag now for far too long. I am truly honoured to blog for Candle and Cauldron but just a few days after I requested these gorgeous and meaningful items from the Blogotex – my best male friend died suddenly after a brief and surprising illness. I was shattered and for obvious reasons – you can see perhaps why it took me so long to share these lovely pieces with all of you.  Truly though, only in really paying mind to the words on the tapestry did I find my inner balance and courage to stand strong. I have spent a lot of time in this little room since I’ve placed the altar, the process is slow but my heart heals with his memory a warm place, never forgotten and never absent from my being. He was my roommate, my best friend, my coworker, my biggest fan, my protector, my confidante. I will miss his presence on this plane dearly but until we meet again I shall cherish the memories that we had the blessed time to create and share – those can never die.

{C&C} Sorrow Altar Set – Cranberry
~The God and the Goddess are 1li each with a touch menu to rez incense, Lammas bread, red Mullet, a candle, a floating candle, a honeycomb, a seedling, or stew. The altar candles are 1li for each cluster set. The altar table and cloth are 1li each, The woven metal pentacle is 1li. The “Tears of the Moon” backflow incense burner is 2li and has a texture menu as well.

~{C&C} Wolf Moon Frame is only 1li, most of the other decor and pieces in this photo are also Candle and cauldron fare:

{C&C} Simple Altar Table
{C&C} Torsion Moon Clock – Gold
{C&C} Garden Dreams Goblet
{C&C} Garden Dreams Salt Jar
{C&C} Garden Dreams Athame

{C&C} Medium Salt Lamp V.2.1
{C&C} Hekate Candle Shrine V.2 – Vermilion
{C&C} Palmist’s Hand V.2
{C&C} Samhain Scryer’s Mirror
{C&C} Moon Rug

~My little Book of Shadows is “***TG*** Book of Shadows (silver pent)” I got it from The Grove several years ago but I believe the creator has since left Second Life.. The book, however is a proper BOS – it’s filled with notecard chapters of useful information and ritual, lore, etc. There’s still a working Marketplace link though I cannot promise you any sort of customer support *here*

~Dedicated to the memory of Thomas Edward Wisted IV : 08.10.1978 – 01.12.2017 {MrTWysted Resident}

**EDIT** Yes, this is absolutely me singing.. I can’t credit the lyricist however because I’ve never fully been able to trace this hymn to it’s proper home.