Walking the Floor..

I’m just creeping about when I should be in bed dreaming of sunshine and hopping bunnies.. I figured since I’m still up maybe I should show you some more of my goodies! I went to Argrace the other day because oddly I’d never been, I currently have zero regrets – I see a long and pretty relationship about to bloom. Thanks Kat for the heads-up :-) Waaay to realistic to miss, there’s some amazing new flowing hair there too – laying, leaning, and they come with the appropriate poses! This one is “*ARGRACE* Victoria – Reds“:
Snapshot_062So on with the show – I’ve had this jewelry set seemingly forever but really I only got it over the summer. I love this set to pieces :-) It’s “*P* Kaos Star Jewelry Set” by Phoebe’s Piercings. Here are my other two “must haves” from Phoebe’s – *P* Eyebrow Piercing A1 ~8 Metals/9 Colors~” and ” *P* Facial Piercing U2 ~8 Metals~” you can’t see my eyebrow ring in this pic, sorry, it’s under my lush locks..

Snapshot_061My shoes, oh my fab shoes! They’re so comfy – it’s like slipping into really stylish clouds! Essenz never disappoints, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing heels! These ones are “Essenz – San Diego – black” and they’re available in six great colours, you can match them to anything and everything :-)

Snapshot_060Last but certainly not least is my super comfy dress by JK Style – it’s from a duo pack “::JK Style:: Tori 2 Pk” this one is chocolate, there’s also a silver one in the bag. This cozy casual number is great for everything from a trip to the shops to a relaxed date at the movies.. JK Style has this featured currently at The Fashion Fair where you can find many more looks to stuff your closets and dress up your gorgeous self!

~The rest of the package is: Mayfly – Luminous – Deep Sky Eyes (Dark Olive), S@R 6+ vr1.00 Lashes that move with Smile + Facelight + Prim Teeth blogged *here*, “UNISEX[MANDALA]Steking EARS”, and my precious Harley skin by Pink Fuel which I first blogged about *here*.

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