**Scroll all the way to the bottom for a tutorial on how to install windlights and/or make your own**


NEW – 2019 Shaedy Night Dream Windlights:

Shaedy Complete Collection Windlights:

Shaedy Wastelands Windlights:

Shaedy Tasty Windlights:

Shaedy Summer Windlights:

Shaedy Sugar Windlights: 

Shaedy Snacks Windlights:

Shaedy Scenic Windlights:

Shaedy Natural Ambient Windlights:

Shaedy Glorious Windlights:

A rainbow of summer love! 

Shaedy Flurries Windlights:

Hazy days of winter – just add snowflakes.. 

Shaedy Daylights Windlights:

Creamy rich times of day.

Shaedy Atmosphere Windlights:

Some very colourful windlights for your outdoor photos! ~there is another set here with the same name – 1 & 2 are in that set, this is all 4 together..


Shaedy Studio Haze:

Here’s a softer hazy windlight set for studio and indoor use..

Shaedy Spectrum Windlights:

I lost a set of hazy windlights that people really liked but they needed an update badly anyhow so I’ve created a modern version with a little more oomph and a little more colour. I hope these help!

Shaedy Cream:

These windlights were mostly created for use inside a studio with natural ambience or your own facelights/projectors, etc. A few were modified to be used outside but several have black skies – you can always adjust those to your liking anyways.


Shaedy Atmosphere:

Two brand new windlights I’ve made because I’m so happy to finally have my PC upgraded! These windlights were created for outdoor use but I’ve discovered they look really cool with shadows on, used through windows with intricate frames.. These were made (and shown) using ultra settings in Firestorm. I hope these help you!

How To Create Windlights:


This tutorial was created using Firestorm Viewer 4.7.1

Open your phototools tab, inside that tab click the New Sky Preset option which will open the second window you see on the left.  The BluHrz and BlueDen will determine the colour shading of your sky. You can play with the sliders below that to get the perfect haze horizon, density, distance.. Those give it that dreamy look, like a natural photo setting with a bit of haziness in the distance.

Sun and Moon Settings will determine the colour emitted from the sky. Make it very pink and a pink glow will settle across your skin and surrounding environment.  Gamma will determine how bright or washed your scene is overall.. Set it lower if you want a really dark look or high if you want it starker, more bright or sterile looking.

The day cycle slider is cool, you can adjust it to relative time of day and where the sun appears in the sky.

Est Ang is my favourite. Sometimes I want the sunset to show behind where I’m standing but the day setting have it in front of me – use the Est Ang to move it or to move how your shadows are falling..

Clouds tab – that one’s pretty self explanatory but you can adjust how thick and fast your clouds are or you can clear up the sky completely and have a perfect cloudless day! Adjust the colour of the clouds to make them either stand out from your sky or blend perfectly like a soft watercolour dream.


Play with all of those sliders and eventually you’ll have the perfect lighting and sky that you needed for your shot! Click save when you’re finished and it’ll go to your user settings windlight folder which you can find by following this path (if you’re using windows, of course and replace my name with your PC name):


For more incredible Windlight and photography resources, please see Strawberry Singh’s amazing page filled with everything you need and more as well as the glorious page at SL Blogger Support where you can find even more fabulous windlight resources and direct downloads! Oh, and I would be utterly remiss if I didn’t give you the link for the absolutely glorious windlights used by FOXCITY *here*

I lost a set of hazy windlights that people really liked but they needed an update badly anyhow so I’ve created a modern version with a little more oomph and a little more colour. I hope these help!

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