Dreamgirl: LOGO Bella (with Izzie’s)

I love heads, I also love skins! I love them both to utter distraction! I love when I can take an old fave skin off the mothballs and gloriously show it off on a brand new head! This brings me to this round of Skin Fair – I was working on a very limited budget this year and so whatever I purchased needed to be worth the price and very versatile, that’s where LOGO and the creative skills of Maximillion Grant come into play. LOGO is offering a gorgeous new head at the skin fair for only $L499! Bella is her name and gorgeous is totally her game. SO The minute that I knew she was going to be there for that price I counted the minutes until I could break through the crowd to get her. Did not disappoint! Bella comes bundled with fantastic skins and makeup all her own – she’s well worth your lindens.

After I brought Bella home, I started going through older skins to see what I could mix and match and perhaps even resurrect. From working with the LOGO Chelsea anniversary gift head I already had some idea of what I could expect in terms of versatility. What I wasn’t expecting is how Izzie’s would come into play! I love BoM items because there’s just so much more you can do as for customization and making the look entirely your own! Izzie Button has created the widest variety and highest quality of modifiers and fixes I’ve yet seen on the grid so in a way it comes as no shock that I could make Bella even more gorgeous as quickly as I did but just the same – there’s a certain pop of joy once you fully realize that indeed – you can!

This whole look started with curiosity and this is where we are right now! With the wonderful and creative items available to you – nearly any look is possible! This is my ingredient list, feel free to try this recipe yourself and modify it you your specific tastes! Check it out:

LOGO Bella v1.0.1 Head
[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)
Shaedynlee LOGO BELLA (Izzie’s CORA) Body and brow shape
Mimmi Collection #Fertility V.02_Box – 50% Purple (veins)

(AviGlam) AG. Cupid Eyes – 02 – M
Magika – Hair – Cassiopeia (Size 1)

Izzie’sGenus – Waterline Fix Lower natural darker
Izzie’sGenus – Waterline Fix Upper black
Izzie’s – Neck Freckles 02 (warm) 100%
Izzie’s – Hairbase Parted blonde
Izzie’sLeLutka/LOGO – Summer Blush apricot lighter
Izzie’sLeLutka – Cheek Freckles (light) 70%
Izzie’s – Body Summer Blush apricot
Izzie’s – 05 Freckles Tattoo rosy (face)
Izzie’s – 05 Freckles Tattoo rosy (body)
Izzie’s – Under Eye Concealer med warm
Izzie’sLeLutka – Inside Lips Corrector 03
Izzie’s – Mouth Corner Concealer 11
Izzie’s – Abdominal Muscles 08 65%
Izzie’sLeLutka – BOM Nose Fix 06
Izzie’s – Catwa Cora Skin (Face) rosy LB
Izzie’s – Body BASE rosy

Izzie’s – Chelsea Lashes Installer (LOGO)

Safira – Lizy Short Rose (Legacy)
Safira – Lizy Top Rose (Legacy)
Scandalize.Cotton Boots. LEGACY