Happy Belated RezDay…

I meant to start this post literally on my RezDay/Birthday last week – November 23.. I didn’t get to it because several First Life incidents took precedence. We had crisis after crisis all back to back and I just got completely overwhelmed. I had a four day migraine, my darling Largemale took ill and had some medical stuff to attend to – honestly? My birthdays are historically terrible and nobody knows why. I’m thinking I was a party clown in a past life and this is my karma for giving children lifelong trauma 😆

In any case – I actually took these photos during a lull on the day of awful so there’s that, right? They’re still RezDay pics, even if a bit late! In my first life I got the Huion Tablet I’d been lusting after, and in my Second Life I finally got the Legacy “Perky” body I’d also been lusting after  🙂

I’ve come a long way in this world I think. I wrote a pic heavy post last year showing how my look has changed over the years.  Some of them I look back and legit shake my head. Like …. just why?  😆  As you will notice – at some point through the years I decided I was just tired of being a redhead and I also just slowly transitioned into a more feminine and fluffy aesthetic..  SO MUCH PINK. But I settled down on all the pink and now I’m seemingly approaching a comfortable pastel zone that makes me feel nice..

So this is TEN YEARS. Ten years seems like an eternity in SL.. So many come and so many go. We all have such different reasons for landing here but it all boils down to one main thing – for better or worse – those of us who stay truly love our world and all the little itches and growing pains it comes with. Here’s hoping for ten more years – for me AND for the life of the grid! I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this then you can get onboard with at least one of those things  😆   ~xo Shae