RezDay #9 – On Manifesting Self.

I can barely believe it’s been nine long lovely years inworld.. This side of me (my avatar) was a gift to myself, at this point I’ve known her (me) longer than probably half of my friends and she’s gotten me through at least double as much of life’s little struggles!  Throughout that time, I’ve been floating from one look to the next, trying on styles, experimenting with fashion and every kind of look. I started here:

2010 was my first day inworld, I’d only just figured out how to take a pic… By 2015 I looked like I was coming along but … well, no. I don’t regret any of my looks but some do give me a serious case of the cringes!  Here are some looks from over the years:

Some are good, some are … unique. All are part of the process – the process of becoming! I feel like my style has been consistent over the past year – it’s even beginning to mirror my First Life in many ways as well – some choices I’ve made in my First Life came about because of the courage to try things in this, my Second Life. I started this beautiful journey at a time when I was very very sick. I have a serious chronic illness and it flares up sometimes. Here and there I’m just entirely worn down and in pain, other times I’m bad enough to be hospitalized. Then I have stretches where I’m right as the rain and I can live pretty much mostly normal.  Originally SL was an outlet so that I could have some measure of escape from my illness and my hermit life – then as I started to get better at times I realized that SL had become a part of me, a place where I could rest my virtual feet – literally a Second Life.

I’m excited about the future of SL, I’m absolutely loving the direction Linden Labs is taking – I hope they keep going for a long time – I used to rent all of my land/homes until the new premium homes happened – do y’all realize how much I’ve wanted one of these little trailers over the years?! And I mean the whole look of things, I cannot. Check out my neighbourhood:

So I’m happy.. Very happy. With nine years under my sparkling belt, I feel like a proper resident. My home is gorgeous, my studio is perfection, my look has solidified and my spaces are filled with so many fluffy cats (my First Life is too, I have four fabulous furry girls)  Thanks y’all, it’s been just shy a decade for me and I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like the day I have to log out for the last time – I hope it doesn’t ever come..

I’ll close now with some great shots I’ve taken in the past few weeks while my site has been on the ice: